1969 - Born in Gloucstershire, United Kingdom

1975 - Emigrated to South Africa aged six and discovered a passion for drawing

1985 - Frequent exhibitor at Artists on the Lake

1986 - Matriculated from Johannesburg High School for the Arts with distinctions in Art & Design

1990 - Graduated from WITS School of Art & Design in Johannesburg, South Africa

1992 - Completed national service, served with SADF Shows & Exhibitions painting several commissions

1996 - Art Director in an advertising & design agency in Johannesburg, returned to London, United Kingdom

1997 - Change of direction and pursued a commercial business career in London

2000 - Relocated to Manhattan, New York as a Director in an international business intelligence company

2002 - Returned to London, United Kingdom and continued to work in the business intelligence sector

2003 - Completed a part time portraiture painting course at Heatherleys in London

2006 - Completed a Masters of Business Administration degree in London

2010 - Relocated to Geneva, Switzerland and returned to full time art practice

2011 - Coaching Life Drawing at ALLMINDS in Geneva
2012 - Returned to UK and full time employment