Born in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom in 1969, I emigrated to South Africa with my parents in 1975. It was here that I discovered a passion for drawing and painting inspired by wildlife and the enchantment of the African bush. Matriculating from Johannesburg High School for the Arts in 1987 I frequently exhibited at exhibitions during this period. I then went on to study at WITS School of Art & Design in Johannesburg, South Africa graduating in 1990. 

National service followed including a stint within the Shows & Exhibitions unit painting several commissions. Following this I went on to work as an Art Director in an Advertising & Design agency for a few years prior to returning to the UK in 1996. This led to a career change which ultimately led to me working as a Commercial Director with a business intelligence company in London with a relocation to New York in 1999, returning to London in 2003.  Completion of an MBA and a relocation to Geneva, Switzerland in 2010 followed where I was fortunate to have the opportunity to coach life drawing at Allminds in Geneva. An unexpected return to the UK in 2012 again led to a return to employment in the commercial sector as an International Marketing Director. 

In 2016 I made a decision to focus more on my painting and less on my commercial career whilst also looking to improve my work / life balance and time spent with my two boys. Hence whilst maintaining some consulting work this year has seen me refocus and I am currently working on a series of paintings inspired by the UK's Cornish coast line with a host of other projects going around my head keeping me awake at night!